Evolve Education Group

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Evolve Education Group (“Evolve”) is the second largest provider of early childhood education in New Zealand.

Consisting of 105 centres across 6 key brands, including well known favourites such as Active Explorers, Learning Adventures, Lollipops, Pascals, Little Wonders, Little Earth Montessori and Little Lights.

Evolve NZ operates in the middle of the market, with over one third of the portfolio in Auckland.

Evolve is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.


Investment Overview

Prior to Anchorage’s acquisition, Evolve’s recent business performance had been impacted by COVID as well as former management’s focus on the Australian market.  This presented Anchorage with an opportunity to leverage its prior experience in the early childhood education sector to drive high performance at Evolve.

Evolve is led by Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Alexander.

Anchorage is represented on the Board of Evolve by Callen O’Brien, Simon Woodhouse & Hayden Neeland.