The Anchorage Difference

  1. We are hands-on, operational partners. We partner with management every step of the way.  Our legacy is in operations so we understand the challenges faced by management.  We empower management to make decisions and execute, whilst providing counsel and committing resources to accelerate the turnaround program. 
  2. We see value where others don’t.  We actively seek out companies requiring significant operational change that are not performing at their full potential. We are considered one of the leading specialist firms in this space in the Asia Pacific region.  Where others see problems, we see opportunity. 
  3. We get back to basics.  We focus on the critical drivers of value and prioritise initiatives that fix the fundamental building blocks at the core of the business.
  4. We are disciplined.  We work with managers to quickly develop the right strategic and operational plan and then guide implementation, bringing transparency and execution discipline. 
  5. We turbo-charge change. Our change programs are rapid and highly targeted.  We make fast decisions in order to make sure capital and resources are made available in a timely manner. 
  6. We are a transitionary owner.  We are transformation specialists and we focus on what we are good at.  Our job is to guide companies through a period of transformation that strengthens the core business, and then assist the transition to a natural longer term owner. 
  7. We are down-to-earth.  We know we don’t know everything, and our job isn’t to be business managers.