Investment Focus

Company Characteristics

  • Company size: Typically greater than $100M in revenues
  • Deal size: Enterprise value "sweet spot" of $25M to $250M, with the ability to make significantly larger investments in partnership with our existing investors if required
  • Industries: All sectors, with the exception of high-tech, bio-tech, direct mining or direct property
  • Geographies: Headquartered in Australia, New Zealand or South-East Asia
  • Deal types: Control investments with highly flexible investment structures
  • Life-stage: Established businesses, not start-up or early stage companies

Typical Situations

  • Must be an established business with a strong market position or brand, existing pathway to the customer, and with clear operational levers to improve both financial performance and the quality of the business

  • Examples of the types of situations we look for include:
    • Fallen angels, ie. well known  companies that are no longer achieving their full potential requiring operational turnaround
    • Orphans of larger corporates
    • Capital constrained or over-levered businesses
    • Companies transitioning out of family ownership
  • We are comfortable looking at opportunities in industries facing disruption